The hardest thing- Forgiveness – never comes easy, whether it is forgiveness of self or others. Forgiveness is a choice, a commitment and that is why it is so hard. It is NOT a feeling. There will be many times in life where someone hurt you and you lost something from it. Your time, reputation, money, trust, innocence. But those debts can never be repaid.  So in that moment, you have a choice. There are only two options. Forgiveness or Justice. If you seek justice, you seek revenge.

The most powerful.  The Lion is always used symbolically as the fiercest and most powerful creature, however, its heart is often portrayed as gentle. There will be many times where you have the power to seek revenge or justice. You can slay someone with one word. You can bring down financial empires with a single piece of information.  The path of forgiveness and not revenge is the most powerful. It clears away the anger, bitterness, sadness, hurt and opens your heart to knowing that you did the right thing, making the way for peace.  A peace that is unexplainable and a comfort that will never leave you.  

The most essential-Forgiveness is not a maybe kind of thing.  A when I get around to it. There is no, should we forgive or not. Are there enough reasons to forgive? Did they make restitution or say they are sorry? It doesn’t matter. If you are to love you are to forgive. Whether it is deserved or not.  Before you breathe, you should forgive.  Daily, hourly, every minute and every second without end.

Forgiveness as an action and thought- no one sees what goes on inside, our outward actions are the most apparent.  Even though you hurt, battle your thoughts and struggle though forgiveness we can make this choice daily in our actions and thoughts that will keep us on the path of forgiveness, which will bring us lasting peace.   


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